Where we are able to assist

Case Studies contained within this section are the most common planning enforcement issues investigated by our planning enforcement team. We hope this will provide you with a quick reference resource to similar issues that you would like to report to us, what we can do to investigate and resolve the issue you want to report.

Examples of cases where formal enforcement action is appropriate

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Caravan within the open countryside

A caravan has been placed in the middle of a field in the open countryside. The landowner is keeping 5 chickens and growing some vegetables. The landowner is living in the caravan. There is no special justification for the residential caravan: the principle of which is contrary to planning policy.

An Enforcement Notice was served requiring the residential use to cease and for the caravan to be removed from the land. The landowner appealed the Notice, but the appeal was dismissed and the Notice upheld.

The caravan needs to be removed within 6 months from the date of the appeal decision otherwise the Council can commence prosecution proceedings because the failure to comply with an Enforcement Notice is a criminal offence.

Dangerous access onto a busy road

A new access has been created onto a busy road causing highways safety issues. The landowner would not block up the access voluntarily therefore the Council served an Enforcement Notice requiring the access to be blocked because it was causing severe highway safety issues.

Unauthorised work to a Listed Building

A new owner of a Listed Building removed timber windows and replaced them with upvc windows. The upvc windows fail to preserve the Listed Building, and therefore, a Notice was served requiring the upvc windows to be removed and replaced with timber windows to match the originals.