Information about Covid19:
Please read our information on how we are supporting residents and businesses, as well as information on affected services.

Report a breach of planning control

During the COVID 19 pandemic we may not be fully investigating matters where significant harm cannot be demonstrated.  The Government have introduced new  legislation to allow certain temporary changes of use to take-aways.  We will also take a pragmatic approach to some developments which are undertaken purely to cope with the impact of COVID 19.  We will inform you of our intended course of action when triaging your complaint which is at step 2 of the process as set out in our planning enforcement flowchart.

Please be aware that there will be some delays in our response times which is unavoidable at the moment.  We are experiencing an increase in Covid-related staff absence and many of our staff are working hard to balance work and home schooling.  The Council is committed to supporting our staff to work flexibly to enable a balance to be reached which means our officers may be working different hours.

Please bear with us at this difficult time.  We are mindful of the personal pressures that a third lockdown places on us all and we respectfully ask that you are considerate when communicating with our staff.

Former Portfolio Holder Councillor Hannaford explains how to report planning enforcement

Report an issue

You can help us deal with your issue as effectively as possible by providing us with as much information as you can. Please follow our steps to reporting issues below:

Have you checked if planning permission is required for the work taking place?

If not, please check using the planning portal website

If planning permission is required, please move to the next step


Have you checked if the location of the work has approved planning permission? 

If not, please check using the online planning register

If planning permission is not granted, or the work is not complying with that permission, please move to the next step


Is the issue regarding any of the following?

- Boundary or ownership disputes
- Party wall issues
- Covenant issues

If so, these are civil matters so please contact citizens advice or seek legal advice 

if not, please move to the next step


What happens when I report a matter to you?

The flowchart sets out:

  • the stages that an enforcement investigation would follow
  • the type of work that is likely to be carried out at each stage
  • the average timescales to reach key stages. 

Planning enforcement is a lengthy process. Government guidance sets out that formal enforcement action is a last resort. If there is a breach of planning control, the responsible person will usually be given the chance to put the matter right first.  This opportunity is normally given before taking formal enforcement action.

Please note that the specific information relating to the enforcement complaint would contain personal data.  This is as defined under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).  We are unable to share this information.  This means that we cannot provide you with updates as to what is happening on individual cases during the course of our investigation.  Once the investigation is concluded, we will contact you with a brief summary of our findings.  

Enforcement Quarterly Reports

The planning enforcement team produces quarterly reports on the team's workload and activity. The reports for the last 12 months are: