Report a breach of planning control

Former Portfolio Holder Councillor Hannaford explains how to report planning enforcement

We ask that you help us to deal with your issue as effectively as possible by providing us with as much information as possible. Please follow our steps to reporting issues below:

Have you checked if planning permission is required for the work taking place?

If not, please check using the planning portal website

If planning permission is required, please move to the next step


Have you checked if the location of the work has approved planning permission? 

If not, please check using the online planning register

If planning permission is not granted, or the work is not complying with that permission, please move to the next step


Is the issue regarding any of the following?

- Boundary or ownership disputes
- Party wall issues
- Covenant issues

If so, these are civil matters so please contact citizens advice or seek legal advice 

if not, please move to the next step


  • prioritise cases in accordance with our enforcement protocol
  • provide you a named case officer as a contact
  • try hard to respond to all contacts in plain English
  • pursue a breach of planning control to a suitable conclusion
  • be helpful, polite and open in the way we work
  • retain confidentiality of those complaining wherever possible 

It is important to be aware that in the process of us investigating unauthorised development we are guided towards giving the owner, or person carrying out the works, the opportunity to rectify the matter without us taking formal action. In some cases, if the unauthorised development does not cause significant harm, we may take no further action. Often planning enforcement cases are resolved through informal agreement with the people responsible. If negotiation fails to resolve the problem, we have powers to take enforcement action and will use them where it is appropriate to do so.