West Carclaze eco-community

The Council working in partnership with Eco-Bos have prepared a planning application for a new mixed used community at West Carclaze. In summary the new community is envisaged to comprise:

  • A minimum of 1,500 new homes including affordable housing
  • Shops
  • Health facility
  • Community facility
  • Primary School
  • Local jobs and live/work space
  • Footpath and cycle links
  • Improved tourist routes, including an improved Clay Trail
  • Equipped and informal play space
  • Local food growing – such as allotments/community gardens
  • Public open space, including play areas and sports pitches
  • A green network of trees and hedgerows to promote habitats for wildlife
  • Local renewable energy generation
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The planning application was submitted to the Local Planning Authority in December 2014.  The application was made live on the 9 January 2015 and is currently being assessed.  Following initial assessment and consultation further information was submitted in January 2016.  This information included additional technical information, minor changes to the application and a change of the applicant from Cornwall Council to Eco-Bos.  Eco-Bos has taken back control of the application by mutual agreement; this reflects their continued commitment to the development of the site.  A decision on this planning application is currently anticipated in summer 2016.

Work on the planning application has been undertaken using funding from the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG). The Cornwall Council Cabinet meeting on the 18 September 2013 agreed to accept the funding offer from DCLG and to progress to procure external specialists to undertake masterplanning and an Environmental Impact Assessment to enable the submission of a planning application for the mixed use community.

Savills were commissioned to undertake the masterplanning and prepare the environmental studies. 

The full planning application (reference PA14/12186) can be viewed via the Councils online planning system.

Eco-Bos undertook a public exhibition in March 2016.  The purpose of this exhibition was to provide an update on the plans and changes made.  Part of this exhibition took place at West Carlcaze and members of the public were able to view the site via land rover and walking tours.  To accompany the exhibition Eco-Bos launched the Eco-Bos website which focuses on the development at West Carclaze.

A public consultation took place in October 2014. 

This consultation consisted of a West Carclaze Eco-community newsletter and feedback questionnaire that was delivered through the Royal Mail post to approximately 23,000 homes across the wider St Austell and West Carclaze area.  It was also available at the Councils website. 

The newsletter introduced the progress to date, presenting a map of the proposed site, an annotated artist illustration of the Eco-community and a section on frequently asked questions with responses. The newsletter set out to explain the changes to the proposals to date and how earlier concerns had been addressed. It highlighted the priority aspects of the Eco-community proposal, including what the planning application would include, and information regarding the plan to establish a Land Trust to oversee the management and development of the main aspects of the Green Infrastructure.

The consultation sought views on latest West Carclaze Eco-Community Masterplan and was open from Friday 10 October 2014 to Friday 7 November 2014.

A total of 837 questionnaire responses were received (of which 88 were online.) In addition, 14 letters were received through email and post. 

A public consultation took place in May 2014. This consultation was an opportunity to gain views and comments on the emerging scenarios for the Eco-community masterplan. Comments received informed the preparation of a planning application.

The consultation sought views on emerging scenarios for the West Carclaze Eco-Community Masterplan and was open from Monday 19 May 2014 to Monday 30 June 2014.

More than 750 visitors attended the exhibition, and 230 feedback forms were completed at or following the exhibitions and 111 surveys were completed online.

You can view the emerging scenario 1emerging scenario 2 and emerging scenario 3 or the full consultation display (which includes the emerging scenarios). Please note these are large and detailed files which may take some time to download and are best viewed on a monitor rather than mobile device.