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30 March 2017

On the 30 March 2017, the outline planning application for 'West Carclaze Eco-community' was approved by the Strategic Planning Committee. The application comprises of the demolition, site clearance and associated earthworks and the phased development of up to 1500 dwellings, a local centre, incorporating local retail, health and community facilities, a primary school, employment floorspace and associated areas of open space, renewable energy provision and energy centre(s), drainage and associated infrastructure. A further planning application to agree the details of the design and layout of the development will still need to submitted following this in principle agreement.

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You can find out more on the Eco-Bos website on what our vision is to positively transform more than 500 acres of former china clay land in mid-Cornwall to create a vibrant and sustainable new eco-community with beautiful homes, excellent community and leisure facilities and an extensive country park.