Tuckingmill Valley Park

Tuckingmill Valley has been transformed from the most visible derelict land site in West Cornwall into an award winning park. The site is situated in the heart of Camborne and Redruth and has become a symbol of regeneration for the area.

A key objective of the scheme was to treat the complex contamination found on the site, which included mine shafts, landfill and arsenic works, yet maintain the symbols of Cornish mining and the signature plants and habitats associated with this environment.

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The park has a bespoke skate park, walking trails, play facilities and creative art installations set within a rich mosaic of habitats. Two chimney stacks are key features on the site and yellow flowering Gorse provides year round interest. The Red River, named by its original colour caused by the minerals from the mines, runs through the site and is home to a diverse range of invertebrates, including the dragonfly from which the park gains its branding.