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North Cliffs Woodland at Tehidy

This area of the woods is the most affected by the sea. Strong, salty winds have stunted the trees and made them bend away from the prevailing south westerly winds. The North Cliffs are also the best place to see the spring time bluebell display.

As you follow the pink trail around the North Cliffs you will discover many types of trees including majestic beeches and wind sculpted woods at the edge of the park. This area is a great place for bats in the summer evenings and roe deer have been seen in the meadow.

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Leading engineers like Richard Trevithick discussed ground-breaking ideas here and the park was was used as a game reserve patrolled by gamekeepers -  which explains why you will find places like “Keepers Walk”, “Keepers Cottage” and “Kennels Hill” here today.

Autumn brings a huge variety of fungi out in the woods. Look in the events field for fairy rings.

Look out for the exotic tree species such as the huge monkey puzzle tree and the beautiful Japanese maples. Lady Basset planted these around 200 years ago as part of her formal gardens.