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Grass verges and banks are a common feature of our roads, roundabouts, shops and schools. Many are maintained by Cornwall Council with regular mowing and strimming. However, as grass is the main plant that survives this regular cutting regime, it leads to the creation of green 'deserts'. These areas provide very little in terms of habitat or food for birds, insects and animals, as well as not being very interesting to look at!  Additionally, these sites require the use of high levels of non-renewable resources, and there are additional costs in terms of time and the running of the maintenance machinery. 

The Meadowbanks Project

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Cornwall Council is introducing a new project to create 'Meadowbanks' on these unused areas of land. The grass will be removed in sections and planted with a wide range of native flowers, chosen for their suitability to the site. These plants will increase in size over the following years and also set seed, creating a self-sustaining habitat. This will not only provide an extremely inviting environment for birds, insects and small animals; it will also create beautiful flower meadows for people to enjoy in their local area. 

Please see the Wildlife Verges page for Cornwall Council's new initative to bring nature to our path and roadsides.