Maritime Strategy

The Cornwall Maritime Strategy was adopted by Cornwall Council on 9 May 2012.

This Strategy represents the culmination of over two years of work with our stakeholders and consultants to produce a vision for Maritime Cornwall which is that by 2030:-

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  1. Cornwall has a sustainably managed maritime environment, which is well understood and known internationally as an excellent location for work, wildlife and for recreation;
  2. Cornwall’s economy is supported by a diverse range of opportunities for ports, marine related industries, transport and businesses including environmental technologies;
  3. Cornwall has a rich and enviable maritime heritage, a healthy maritime natural environment and landscape;
  4. Cornwall has distinctive well-connected communities; resilient in the face of change.

This is the first time that a dedicated Maritime Strategy has been produced for Cornwall and it will be used by the Council to integrate maritime issues into Council policy and strategy and guiding the development of programmes across its operations.

It sits alongside and is linked to the Core Strategy, Local Transport Plan, Economic Strategy, Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Management Plan and others and as an adopted strategy it is material consideration for planning matters.

Maritime Action Plans will now be developed which support the objectives and aims as set out in this document. These action plans can focus on particular themes or places and will be developed by a range of stakeholders with expertise in the relevant field.

The overall objectives of the Maritime Strategy will be reviewed on a 5 yearly basis. 

We would like to thank those people who contributed to the development of the Cornwall Maritime Strategy and look forward to continued involvement.

Documents available as downloads: