Property and street naming and numbering

Street Name and Numbering fees and charges

As from the 1st February 2018 the street name and numbering fees and charges will be as follows:

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  • Naming/Renaming an existing property: £40
  • Numbering/Naming a new property: £60 per property
  • Confirmation of address enquiries: £40
Cornwall Council has a statutory duty to name streets and number properties as well as offering a property naming consultation and notification service.

Please read the Council’s Street Naming and Numbering Guidance to help you select and fill out the appropriate form:

You can use the forms below to submit a request to change your address, rename a street and the addresses on it, or register new addresses and street names.
Duplicating an existing name for a property may lead to confusion, therefore when considering a name for a property take into consideration property names in the local vicinity. When completing the form the customer is advised to submit 3 property names, in case any of the proposed names is not suitable, for example where it is a duplicate of an existing address. When choosing a name for a property the Council encourages the use of names that:

Please note;

  • any name that the Address Management Team deems to be offensive, inappropriate and/or misleading will not be processed;
  • we advise that property names should not include punctuation or numeric characters. 

If you require further information or advice on street naming and addresses please contact the Address Management Team, giving as much detail as possible to enable us to determine the appropriate form(s) to send you.

Street names must be displayed in a conspicuous place at the start and/or end of a street or at any point of access to that street. In the case of new streets, we require the developer to provide the initial nameplates. All new street nameplates shall display the Cornish Translation which must be provided by the Address Management Team who consult with the Cornish Language Office. Please refer to the Street Naming and Numbering Guidance notes. Please note that all street signs, except street nameplates, are currently dealt with by the Highways Department of the Council. Defective or missing signs and road markings may be reported online using the “Report It” web page, telephone 0300 1234 222 or email