Woodland Valley Farm Beaver Project

Bringing Beavers back to Cornwall

Pioneering Beaver project aims to reduce flooding and increase biodiversity.

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After being hunted to extinction in the UK 400 years ago, Cornwall Wildlife Trust and partners Woodland Valley Farm plan to bring beavers back to Cornwall. This ground-breaking project hopes to show that beavers can help create new wildlife habitat, make our water cleaner and crucially reduce flooding.

Beavers will be reintroduced to a fenced area, upstream of Ladock village, near Truro, that has suffered severe flooding. Students from partner universities will study the before and after impacts, building on research from reintroductions in the UK and across Europe. The results will help us find out if this native species could once again become part of the Cornish landscape and help us combat flooding – naturally.

The project is looking for support from local people and have recently launched a crowdfunding campaign. They need to raise £10,000 to help with the set up costs including the installation of a ‘Beaver proof’ perimeter fence.

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Published on 22/05/2017