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Water for Growth


Water for Growth; Better access for wild fish, sustainable natural resources for Cornwall

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The Camel and Fowey are two of Cornwall’s best-loved rivers; both rise on the high ground of Bodmin moor, with the Camel running to the North coast and the Fowey flowing to South coast.  Historically, both rivers were full of salmon and sea trout, but now environmental pressures threaten these traditionally valued natural resources. 

The Water for Growth EU Structural and Investment funded project is a partnership between Westcountry Rivers Trust, The Environment Agency, Natural England, and South West Water.  Over the last two and half years they have improved fish passage in 7 locations, and across both river catchments, and carried out over two hectares of habitat improvements.  This means more fish can get to their spawning grounds, and when they get there, the habitat is suitable for their young.

That explains the ‘water’ element of the project, but what about the ‘growth’?  The project is supporting local businesses that rely on the river and its fisheries. Water for Growth has produced an app called ‘Fish Pass’ that enables river anglers to easily access rivers at an affordable cost and supports local businesses to supply visiting and local anglers with accommodation, equipment and information as how to enjoy the very special river fishing available across Cornwall. The app recently won a National award from the Wild Trout Trust for its ability to enable anglers to monitor and improve the river environment.

Finally, the Water for Growth project is delighted to be able to announce that it has been awarded an additional year to continue to improve the Camel and the Fowey, and in that time, they will continue to improve the river for fish, and people’s connection to rivers.