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Hands Off Our Crawfish

The crawfish, or spiny lobster, is a spiky and ornate relative of the common lobster with incredible long antennae and a powerful, finned tail. This species was overfished back in the 1970s and ’80s by both fishermen and divers, but in recent years marine conservationists have been thrilled to see their return.

Cornwall Wildlife Trust has been monitoring this comeback through its Seasearch citizen science project, but there is concern from many that we must ensure that these animals are back for good, and that fisheries for this species are carried out at sustainable levels to ensure that history does not repeat itself and they become overfished again.

Cornwall Wildlife Trust is therefore calling on divers to show that they care about crawfish by pledging not to catch them through a new national campaign called #HandsOffOurCrawfish

They hope to get a high proportion of divers supporting this campaign with the eventual aim to see crawfish better protected in our waters, and ensuring a sustainable fishery for the species.

Dive schools, dive boats, and dive clubs are being provided with stickers saying ‘No crawfish on this boat’ and the Trust hopes to provide a much needed clear message for the benefit of these creatures.

Crawfish can live to up to 60 years and are very slow growing.
They have long antennae which are used to taste the water to help them look for food as they scavenge on the sea bed.
To pledge please visit Cornwall Wildlife Trust website or look out for the hashtag #HandsOffOurCrawfish on social media.

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