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Devon and Cornwall Soils Alliance Launches

The Devon and Cornwall Soils Alliance (DCSA) was launched at an event on 3 June with the aim of building capacity and capability in soils advice across Devon and Cornwall. The event was co-hosted by the Regional Flood and Coastal Committee, Cornwall and Devon Local Nature Partnerships, Catchment Partnerships and businesses impacting on soil management.

Our soils are in a perilous state with over 40% of soils degraded. Coupled with this the accuracy, quality and consistency of advice across Cornwall and Devon is insufficient to deal with the scale of the problem. Currently, both the public, private and charitable sectors are trying to address this, but the size of the problem should not be underestimated and there are still considerable flooding, drought and pollution problems across the region.

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The DCSA builds on work done through the Interreg France (Channel) England Channel Payments for Ecosystem Services (CPES) project, to improve the articulation between advisors and regulators, and the Interreg Atlantic Area Risk Aqua Soil (RAS) project, looking as monitoring soil water health as a way of assessing management outcomes. 

The DCSA is a non-political, non-lobbying collection of like-minded individuals operating through a myriad of projects and partnerships with an aim to:

  • Build capability - Soils advice and knowledge of farming across the region is highly variable - The DCSA aims to improve this by delivering training and mentoring through farm advisory projects
  • Build capacity - There are 80+ advisors within the public, private and third sector but the need for soil management advice is significantly more than this. 

Further information can be found on the Wescounty Rivers Trust website.