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What do Wolff Olins do for nature?

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A leading design agency based in Kings Cross, London are on a mission to be more sustainable. In recent years, Wolff Olins have changed their site management practices, such as lights that only turn on when you enter a room and sending all their kitchen waste away to be recycled. More recently they have a established a productive roof garden where they grow organic vegetables for their kitchen and keep bees.

The roof garden was built with a team of Wolff Olins staff and local school pupils who built the trays and wove the growing baskets. On the roof, they have three mini gardens for a basic crop rotation system (legumes, brassicas and roots) with the fourth for semi-permanent crops such as herbs and currants.

The roof enjoys plenty of light and sunshine, which is great for growing successful produce. The company have employed a part time gardener who looks after the garden and staff are encouraged get involved by adopting a plant.

They keep bees and have established a wormery on the rooftop. Although London bees are safer from the destructive agri-farming practices and spraying, there is a lack of fodder, so they also plant as many flowers as possible to provide them with food. The result is city rooftop that has transformed into haven for office workers and nature to enjoy.

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