Railway holidays with a sustainable edge

What is Railholiday all about?

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Railholiday is a holiday business, set up by David and Lizzy Stroud, helped by their family and their dedicated team!

Railholiday have been rescuing derelict carriages and converting them into holiday accommodation for rail enthusiasts and travellers alike.

The story of Railholiday started seven years before the business began – David and Lizzy’s love of sustainable travel, especially with trains, brought them to the run-down St Germans station. They moved in during 1992, and with their keen sense of optimism, help from friends and family – and a lot of upcycling! – they managed to turn the site into what it is today.

Sustainability has always been one of the key elements in their business, proving holidays don’t have to cost the planet, and are also lovely to stay in. Lizzy and David have also joined the Coast Project, and are Ambassadors there for Heritage and Tourism.

What does Railholiday do for nature?

Railholiday pride themselves on having a variety of carbon offsetting practices in place at their sites in many ways:

  • Planting and maintaining trees & wildlife hedges as part of their management of several acres of woodland, and wild gardens
  • Reducing waste by upcycling or recycling as much as possible
  • Encouraging guests to use public transport, cycling & walking
  • Using wood burners for heating
  • Providing tasty fresh garden flowers and a local welcome pack, thus reducing air miles
  • Volunteering at the local community shop and encouraging guests to shop locally
  • Collecting & storing water for the gardens with water butts, and by sourcing water from a well
  • Using recycled materials & promoting recycling and composting to travellers at their sites
  • Using green energy tariffs & getting electricity from a solar panel in their office
  • Reducing energy usage by insulating their carriages, having thermostat regulators, and fitting low-energy lightbulbs.

They also support a vast range of wildlife at their sites, from birds to bees to butterflies, and a whole array of plants and wildflowers!

You can also find out more about how they keep their business environmentally friendly by looking at their Green Page!

Where can I go to stay in a carriage?

There are a few different carriages across two locations in Cornwall; St. Germans in the East, and Hayle in the West.

If you’d like to stay in a carriage, or find out more about Railholiday, you can visit the Railholiday website.

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