Permanently Brilliant

A social enterprise dedicated to learning, doing and educating others about Environmental Growth

What do Permanently Brilliant do for nature?

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Permanently Brilliant is a small social enterprise based in Cornwall doing a fantastic job of educating people about Environmental Growth through the Permaculture design processes.

Permaculture helps us to design intelligent systems, which meet human needs whilst enhancing biodiversity, reducing our impact on the planet.

The team manage a 13 acre woodland, forest garden and organic orchard near Levant, where they demonstrate how to grow food, bees, flowers, wildlife and family. They do a lot of practical things, including: growing, making, selling, teaching, training and learning. They also share their knowledge and connect likeminded people via business and community networks.

To help with their mission, Permanently Brilliant’s director Manda Brookman has curated an online resource which is packed full of ideas, videos and stories to help people live more sustainable lives.

Why not take a look and start doing brilliant things for your environment!

Manda Brookman won the Cornwall Sustainability Award for ‘Best Individual’.

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