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Food for life in the school kitchen garden

What do Penair School do for nature?

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Students at Penair School in Truro are getting involved in a project called “The Kitchen Garden” as part of their Life Skill lessons. They have taken charge of the greenhouse and the beds outside to grow food that can be cooked and served in the school canteen.

Growing food

The students are learning how to grow a variety of fruit and veg including runner beans, onions, peas, beetroot, courgettes, radishes, lettuce, red cabbage, cucumbers strawberries tomatoes and more.

Penair’s award-winning school kitchen has always pursued a policy of sourcing the best ingredients locally though our “farm to fork” philosophy. Winners of a Silver Award from the Food for Life Partnership and are currently hoping to achieve the Gold Award, they are always looking to improve the sustainability of the meals they serve. Currently they source all of their fruit, vegetables and meat from local farms and their fish from MSC certified stocks. They also have plans to create a small holding from their kitchen garden with the addition of chickens and be the first secondary school to achieve the Gold Food for Life Award.

Composting waste

Instead of using polystyrene boxes for takeaway meals, they use ones made from sugar cane fibres, which are completely compostable and go into an onsite bio-digester.

The boxes are supplied by Vegware and are made from a variety of compostable materials. You can find out more about them on the Vegware website

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