Revealing Cornish wildlife to the world

What is NatureWatch?

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NatureWatch is an online documentary series which showcases Cornish wildlife. It is led and produced entirely by students.

Based at Penryn Campus, the crew is made up of students from both the University of Exeter and Falmouth University.

Its creation was heavily inspired by the BBC’s Springwatch and the incredible biodiversity that Cornwall is home to. The first series of NatureWatch was launched in June 2015. Since then a new episode has been produced each term.

NatureWatch features local research and conservation efforts from within Cornwall. The aim is to generate awareness and support. The project seeks to encourage students and residents to explore the local area. They want people to experience the amazing wildlife Cornwall has to offer for themselves .

The NatureWatch team recently completed a road trip around Cornwall. They undertook a 260 mile-long journey, documenting the wildlife as they went.

The team went to several destinations around the county. These included:

  • Bude Marshes
  • Bodmin Moor and
  • the Lizard Peninsula

The videos are uploaded on the popular video-hosting site YouTube. They are shared onto other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This helps to reach as many viewers as possible and spreads awareness of the distinctive nature in Cornwall.

The team also put up lovely shots from their documentaries and behind the scenes onto Instagram. This helps to further spread the word and highlight the beauty of Cornwall and its wildlife.

All current students from Exeter and Falmouth can apply to join the crew or the presenting team. This makes this a collaborative opportunity with the chance to study the nature in Cornwall.

Are you interested in hearing more from NatureWatch? Do you want to watch some of their episodes? If so, take a look and follow them on their various social media sites: