Harbour Lights Fish and Chips

A sustainable food business in Falmouth

What do Harbour Lights do for nature?

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In 2006, Harbour Lights fish and chip shop in Falmouth took the decision to only sell responsibly sourced seafood. A decision that has gone down very well with customers and earned the business several accolades for their forward thinking approach to sustainability. Most recently they have been crowned best independent fish and chips shop in the entire United Kingdom.

Business owner Peter Fraser said “I wanted to make sure that my customers could be confident that anything they ordered would be sustainably harvested, I didn’t want to be selling the last fish in the sea! Sustainable fisheries are essential for the future of my business and I didn’t think we should ignore the fact that there are issues with some fisheries. Many thought it was a crazy idea but my business has thrived”.

If there is any doubt in how the fish has been harvested, the product is removed from the menu, hence popular Skate, Rock and Cod Roe are no longer sold. They utilise the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) excellent guide to ascertain the sustainability of any fish we plan to serve. Specific fisheries are graded from 1-5. Any fishery rated 5 is judged to be unsustainable.

Harbour Lights won the ‘Best Managed Business’ award at the Cornwall Sustainability awards.

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