Outdoor Leisure

We all know that being outdoors is good for both the heart and soul. 

Spending leisure time outside and exercising in nature boosts our immune system, improves self-esteem, reduces stress and helps us relax – but make sure it’s positive for nature too!

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 Grow  Protect

Here are some ways you can help:

Fish responsibly

Abide by the regulations, return what you won’t eat, source bait responsibly, pick up litter and make sure you don’t leave tackle behind.

Reduce your horse’s environmental hoofprint!

Restrict use of chemical pesticides in the control of parasites and pasture weeds. Worm only according to need, and improve field management to reduce reliance on sprays.


Enjoy watersports responsibly

Whether you’re on a kayak, boat, coasteering or surfing, when around wildlife keep quiet and keep your distance. Disturbing wild animals such as birds, seals and dolphins increase stress, energy loss, desertion of young and can even lead to starvation.

Clean up your act, dog walkers!

Minimise disturbance to wildlife by keeping your dog on designated paths and out of undergrowth. Use plant-based poo bags – and never leave poo filled plastic bags on your walk.


Walk without worrying wildlife!

To minimise wildlife disturbance and reduce the impact on plants and ground dwelling animals, keep to marked footpaths, pick up litter and keep your dog under control.

Keep football and cricket nets off the ground

Surprising numbers of hedgehogs get entangled and die in netting. Raise football and cricket nets off the ground when not in use.