At the coast

Protecting the coastal environment helps our wildlife and makes it nicer for all to enjoy.

Cornwall’s coastline is over 400 miles long and is home to a spectacular variety of plants, animals and habitats, making it a stunning place to spend time.  Many of these are threatened by pollution (like litter), disturbance, and fishing; environmental growth at the coast will help our birds, dolphins and seals have a healthy home in the future. You can make all the difference!

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If you'd like a copy of these activities to keep, you can download our Coastal Activity Cards here!

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Here are some ways you can help;

Keep our coast litter free

Whenever you see litter on the beach, pick it up! Join a beach clean event or organise your own.

Get involved

Join events, citizen science projects or support one of Cornwall’s many marine conservation group.


Refuse single use plastics

Join the movement to keep plastic drinks bottles, straws & cups off our beaches and out of our seas.

Eat sustainably sourced seafood

Sustainably sourced seafood helps support the natural ecosystem and not harm it.


Avoid using wet wipes and other plastic-based sanitary products

These flushable friends are highly convenient and proving to be more and more popular. But they play havoc with sewers and the environment

Keep to the Cornwall Marine and Coastal Code

Minimise disturbance to wildlife by sticking to coastal paths and staying away from seals and dolphins.


Green Blue Guide to Coastal Boating

If you have a boot, have a look at the Green Blue Guide to Coastal Boating to be a responsible boat owner, and protect our waters.

Check your sewage connections

It’s your responsibility to make sure your household sewage doesn’t enter water courses.


Think before you flush

Never put anything other than paper down the loo!