Forest for Cornwall Programme

Golitha Woods Forweb

Forest for Cornwall is an ambitious tree planting project with the principle aim of fighting climate change.

When complete we hope it will cover approximately 8,000 hectares - that’s about 2% of Cornwall’s land area.

The Forest for Cornwall is not a single area of new forest.

It’s our ambition to significantly increase all forms of canopy cover throughout Cornwall, whilst strengthening the protection of our existing backbone of trees, woodlands and hedges.

Did you know?

Woodland Cover Graph Only ForwebWoodland cover in Cornwall is 9-10% compared to a UK average of 13% and Europe 37%

Bosigran Hedges ForwebThe total length of Cornwall's hedges is 30,000 miles. This represents a total surface of 85.44Km2, which makes for 2.4% of Cornwall’s land area

Daviesjane Mary Poad Autumn At Golitha Falls Bodmin Moor ForwebThere are 32,000 hectares of woodland in Cornwall, of which 71% is broadleaf and 15% conifer

Darley Oak Linkinhorne Img Credit Greg Martin ForwebThe Darley oak in Linkinhorne is over 1000 years old

Nick Cooper Roselandbeeches ForwebThe average UK resident consumes 12 trees a year in their everyday life for: paper, packaging, wood, cardboard, toilet tissue and many other products

Davies Jane Rose Cross St Nectars Glen Near Boscastle ForwebA new native woodland can capture 300-400 tonnes of CO2 equivalent per hectare (tCO2e/ha) by year 50, and 400-500 tCO2e/ha by year 100.