Environmental Protection - Pests

The Council has a duty to ensure that owners and occupiers of land keep their land free of “rats and mice” (Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949) and “vermin” (Public Health Act 1936). The legislation provides the Council with powers to require, when necessary, owners and / or occupiers to take various steps to deal with the infestation.

Different pests are treated in different ways, dependent upon the individual circumstances and the nature of the infestation. Information on how different types of pests are dealt with are availalble by chosing a relevant link from the menu.

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The Pesticides Regulations sets standards for the way in which pesticides are used. For instance some may only be used by qualified and competent professionals, but in all cases non-target species must be protected against inadvertent consumption/exposure.

Cornwall Council no longer provide a domestic pest control service, however we do offer a service to commercial premises.  For information on our services please visit our website: https://www.publicprotectioncornwall.co.uk/our-services/environmental-consultancy/pest-control-services/ 

Please do not attempt to carry out any pest control yourself unless you feel competent to do so, and follow any manufacturers instructions.

Please contact the Environmental Protection Team for further information and advice using the details on this page.