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Launceston Air Quality

Draft Action Plan to improve air quality in Launceston 

Launceston was declared an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) in 2018.  Long term monitoring of nitrogen dioxide levels in Launceston has shown that levels are higher than they should be in certain areas of the town. This is particularly true in the Newport Square and St Thomas Road area on the A388.  The pollution is caused by traffic congestion. 

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Cornwall Council has produced a draft Action Plan of measures. These could be taken to improve air quality in the town. The council recently held a public consultation to hear people's views on the draft plan.  

Further information on the proposed measures can be found in the Launceston Draft Action Plan Consultation Report

The consultation has now closed and we are reviewing all the comments received.  The Launceston AQMA action plan will then be finalised and approved. 

We held a public consultation in 2017 to let people know about air quailty issues in Launceston and to hear their views.  

The Launceston Air Quality Management Area (AQMA) was declared on 5th February 2018.  Following the public consultation the boundary for the Launceston Air Quality Management Area was finalised.  

We are measuring nitrogen dioxide at several locations in the town using diffusion tubes.  These are small plastic tubes that sample for one month before being sent to a laboratory for analysis.  The results give us a good idea of where pollution levels are highest.  


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