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Clean Air Day 2019

Join in with National Clean Air Day on 20 June 2019

Cornwall is world-famous for its fresh air but we can't take it for granted. There are areas in Cornwall where we need to improve air quality and the Council is taking the actions outlined below, among wider climate emergency measures.

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Domestic vechicles, though, are area a major contributor to air pollution and we need everyone to do their bit as individuals and cut down on car journeys.

But what really makes a difference is when we all take action together. 

  1. This year, we're inviting parents and pupils to take part in a walk to school week. Find ideas here on how to make the walk fun for children.
  2. We're also encouraging schools to hold 'No Idling' events to encourage drivers to switch off their engines when they're stuck in traffic.
  3. And our partners at Sustrans, the charity that makes it easier for people to walk and cycle, have organised Cornwall's first-ever street closure for parents and pupils at Berrycombe School in Bodmin on Clean Air Day itself. Find out more about Sustrans' School Streets programme here.
  4. Although Clean Air Day is just one day, it can be the start of a better understanding of how changing our behaviour can improve air quality for everyone in Cornwall.
  1. The Council is planning to install ‘no idling’ signs on highways in Launceston, Camelford and Gunnislake to remind drivers to switch off their engines if they are waiting in a traffic queue.  We are talking to local businesses about where best to put the signs and expect to see them in situ shortly.
  2. The Council has won a grant of more than £90,000 from the Office for Low Emission Vehicles to install electric charge points for taxis at four locations by spring 2020.
  3. And the Council now has 78 low-emission buses operating across Cornwall, and a new half hourly train service between Plymouth and Penzance creating an extra 4,200 extra seats every day
  4. As a Council, we've created nine Air Quality Management Areas where we are taking action to reduce air pollution. The Council is also developing a One Public Transport System for Cornwall that will see bus, train and ferry timetables dovetail so we can plan our public transport journeys in Cornwall more easily.
  5. The Council has also supported improvements to rail services, which came into effect last month.  This means that for most of the day, there is a train every half an hour on the mainline between Penzance and Plymouth. We’ve also helped introduce 78 comfortable and modern new low-emission buses in Cornwall over the last two years, all equipped with WiFi, USB charging and efficient low-emission Euro VI engines.

Greener transport

If you’re thinking about changing your car, consider choosing a greener model.  Road transport causes most air pollution, so low-emission electric vehicles (EVs) are the future. Plus their lifetime costs are less than you might think. So explore an electric, hybrid or LPG model – you’ll save on your road tax too. Find out more about EVs and book a test drive at Go Ultra Low.

If you’re not ready for an EV, then use the EQUA Air Quality Index to check up on emissions for conventional petrol and diesel cars.  Enter a make, model and year to see how your chosen vehicle performs. 

Further Information

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