Port Health fees and charges

On this page you will find the Port Health fees and charges. Effective from 1st April 2019 - Port Health Fees are outside the scope of VAT

Port HealthFee (19-20)
Gipsy Moth Certificates  
Production of Certificate £120
Additional charges for issuing of Gypsy Moth Certificates  
Officer time £70 per hour
Launch hire Recharged
Travelling 40p/mile
Other specific service overheads, e.g pest control certificate Recharged
Ship Water Test Requests  
First Potable Water Sample (each) £80
Legionella sample (each) £100
Hire of Conference Room £25 per hour or part of
Rent for Weighbridge Office £245
Service charges for Weighbridge Office £195
Issue of Factual Statement £252
Food Health Certificates (Export)  
1 certified certificate £126
2 certified ceritficates certified on a single visit £126 (effectively £63.00 each)
3+ certified certificates £63.00 is charged for each certificate where a site visit is not required
Food Condemnation and Other Sampling £84
Overseas Approved Fishing Vessel Inspections  
Daily Rate £616
Officer travelling, accommodation and subsistence costs Recharged
Production of Approved Fishing Vessel Inspection Report £216
Ship Sanitation Inspection Charges (Gross Tonnage)  
Extensions £65
Up to 1,000 £95
1,001 to 3,000 £130
3,001-10,000 £200
10,001-20,000 £255
20,001-30,000 £330
Over 30,000 £390
With the exception of Vessels with the capacity to carry:  
50-1000 persons £390
Over 1,000 persons £665
Additional charges for issuing of Ships Sanitation Certificates or where other services are requested Additional charges
Officer time £70
Launch hire Recharged
Travelling 40p/mile
Other specific service overheads Recharged