Street trading licence fees

Find below the fees and charges for handing out street trader licences. Effective from 1st April 2019.

Street TradingFee (19-20)
Application Fee for each street / location applied for:  
New £150
Renewal / Variation £85

Set locally.

If applying for more than one location for the same unit/stall/vehicle, additional £35 payable for each location being applied for instead of the quoted £150/£85 as appropriate.

Plus Trading fees - payable if application approved, depending on how many days of the week trading takes place and how many calendar months, as follows:-  
Occasional - Fee Shown Per Day £5
1 day a week £40
2 days a week  £50
3 days a week  £60
4 days a week  £70
5 days a week  £80
6 days a week  £90
7 days a week £100

5% discount given on trading fees for 9+ months trading and 10% discount given on trading fees for 12 months trading of the total monthly fee payable.

Please also note, if paying by instalments, and payment is overdue by more than 28 days, an additional £10 is payable to cover administrative costs.

Additional charge of £5 per day for any trader wishing to operate prior to the start of the 1st whole trading month.

Other charges (not included above)  
Replacement, duplicate or re-issue - posted £20
Replacement, duplicate or re-issue - emailed £10
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