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Coastal protection works

This aspect of the Long Rock Coastal Improvements Project addresses the integrity of the coastal embankment that protects the coast path, mainline railway, property and infrastructure behind it.

These vulnerable coastal defences currently consist of a mix of natural sand dunes, masonry sea walls, cladded revetments and intermittent rock armour, in varying states of repair and condition. 

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As a result of this project, repairs and improvements will be provided to existing walls and rock armour will be installed at the most vulnerable section.  The rock armour is being designed to provide ramped access to the beach in two places, therefore ensuring the beach remains fully accessible.  An increased area of dune behind the rock armour will act as further coastal defence and could potentially be used as an informal amenity area.

The coastal defences have been designed to enable future cycle and footpath improvements to be later integrated (through the Bay to Bay Cycle Scheme).

The embankment and coastal dune protection is an integral part of a wider strategy for managing the shoreline of Mount's Bay into the future.  The cost-benefit analysis required for the funding application is based on a period of just 20 years. This provides a breathing space in which to implement longer term solutions. Cornwall Council and the Environment Agency are already engaged in assessing long term sustainable measures for managing the shoreline along Mount's Bay.  These may include sand recharge and beach replenishment, onshore structures such as groynes and offshore structures such as breakwaters.