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Long Rock Coastal Improvements Project

The Long Rock Coastal Improvements Project is a £3.7m initiative. It aims to improve resillience to flooding and coastal erosion along the frontage of Mount's Bay. This runs from Mount's Bay between Marazion and Eastern Green.

View the Long Rock Coastal Improvements Project infographic

The project has attracted:

  • £2.7 million from Defra's Flood Defence Grant in Aid (FDGiA) and
  • £1 million from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

The latter is administered through DCLG (now MHCLG) under Priority Axis 5. This is on promoting climate change adaptation, risk prevention and management.

The project is due to run from July 2017 through to December 2020. Note that the programme listed in the above infographic has been superseded.

Submission of Outline Application to DCLG December 2015
Submission of Detailed Application to DCLG June 2016
Receipt of conditional approval from DCLG September 2016
Submition of Outline Business Case to Defra September 2016
Receipt of approval from Defra June 2017
Review of costs and programme to ensure project deliverability June 2017
Initiation of Planning Performance Agreements June 2017
Resubmission to DCLG with revised programme July 2017
Pre-emptive project start date July 2017
Appointment of project controls August 2017
Receipt of approval from DCLG November 2017
Detailed design contract let January 2018
Commence surveys and ground investigations January 2018
Environmental surveys and all necessary permits obtained January 2018 - January 2019
Fish and eel pass detailed design completed November 2018
Sea defence works detailed design completed September 2018

Public exhibition on proposed works

Exhibition Summary Report

September 2018
Sea defence works planning application submitted September 2018
Marazion Marsh planning application submitted November 2018
Marazion Marsh detailed design completed March 2019
Sea defence works construction started March 2019
Sea defence works completed July 2019
Fish and eel pass works started August 2019
Fish and eel pass works completed October 2019
Marazion Marsh works started October 2019
Marazion Marsh works completed April 2020
Project evaluation November 2020
Project completion December 2020


  • Cornwall Council
  • The Environment Agency
  • Cornwall Development Company
  • Natural England
  • The RSPB
  • Network Rail
  • Client - Cornwall Council Environment Service
  • Project Commissioners - Cornwall Council Capital Projects Team
  • Project Managers - Ward Williams Associates
  • Contractor - Cormac Solutions Limited

For project specific matters, please contact the project team directly:

For general queries regarding the management of flood and coastal erosion risk, please contact the Flood Risk Management Team. Their contact details are provided on this page.