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Environment, Health and Wellbeing in Cornwall

LNP Health Working Group

The CIOS Local Nature Partnership (LNP) has a stated mission to promote environmental growth in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. 

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The ambition of environmental growth is premised on the environment being the foundation for our society and economy, its quality, health and productivity having a direct relationship with the social and economic prosperity of those who live, work, play and visit Cornwall.

It is well documented that although intrinsically linked, there is a need for far greater communication and collaboration between the natural environment and health sectors. Thus, the LNP has begun creating a Health, Wellbeing and the Environment Workgroup.

Over the last decade, there has been increasing evidence demonstrating the importance of the natural environment to our health and wellbeing. There has been a range of peer-reviewed research but this is yet to make its way into changed policy or service provisions. The LNP workgroup aims to provide the focal point to consider what is known about these connections that could be used to support service design and what needs further investigation.

The LNP works closely with the Cornwall Health and Wellbeing Board as part of this Workgroup. 

We have, to date, taken two papers to the Health and Wellbeing Board meetings:

Paper 1 to establish a working partnership between the two Boards. View the Report and Board Minutes 7 January 2016

Paper 2 to gain support in principle for a hub making links between health, wellbeing and the environment. View copies of the Report and Board Minutes 14 July 2016

From December 2015 the University of Exeter and Cornwall Council have been partners in a internship project, funded by the Natural Environmental Research Council.

The funds have allowed Dr Dan Bloomfield, a mental health practitioner, project manager and ecologist based in the University’s Centre for Ecology and Conservation, to work with staff in Cornwall Council’s Environment Service, as well as in Public Health, to produce a plan for expanding the use of the natural environment for individual health and wellbeing.

This plan - A Dose of Nature in Cornwall - is currently out for consultation, and you can view Cornwall Nature on Referral Plan and Consultation here.