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The old entrance to the Wheal Busy Smithy dated 1872  
Wheal Busy Smithy funding appeal

Since 2014 the World Heritage site has prioritised Wheal Busy Smithy as a conservation project and for many years before...

A small section of the cover of the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site booklet, 'The Official Guide to the Cornwall and west Devon Mining Landscape World Heritage Site'   
Get active out and about in the World Heritage Site in 2019

The World Heritage Site Office released their Official Guide to the Cornwall & West Devon Mining Landscape World Heritage...


Further reading

Image showing the front cover of our leaflet, 'A guide to Poldark locations'A guide to Poldark locations Adobe PDF logo
Follow the characters and action of Poldark, at the many filming locations within and around the Cornish Mining World Heritage Site with photos kindly provided by Mike Hogan/Mammouth/BBC

Image showing the cover of our booklet, 'Experience the real Cornwall and west DevonExperience the real Cornwall and west Devon Adobe PDF logo
Our popular multi-language leaflet is available for download with a description of the site in 5 different languages including Kernewek alongside a list of World Heritage Site attractions within Cornwall and west Devon and ferry routes between the UK and Brittany/France


Area Locations

You can use the dropdown menu to find out more about the history of each area and the great places to visit within the 10 distinct mining landscapes.

The map below shows the different area locations of the Cornwall and west Devon mining landscape World Heritage Site

Area Locations

Introducing the Cornish Mining WHS