Forest for Cornwall

One of the council's first projects from its 2019 Climate Change Plan is the Forest for Cornwall. The project will see trees planted in urban areas, in our hedgerows and by creating new woodlands.

In 10 years the forest will cover around 32 square miles.  About 2% of Cornwall’s land mass. The forest will support wildlife and absorb carbon from the atmosphere.

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Over time, this forest will have the potential to consume around 1% of Cornwall’s annual carbon footprint (as measured in 2016). As Cornwall’s annual carbon footprint decreases, the carbon-absorbing properties of the forest will have a bigger impact.  This will help us get closer to our zero carbon target.

The amount of carbon younger trees can absorb is lower than that of older trees. So it is vital we plant trees as soon as possible.

The Council have prioritised £500,000 for the first phase of the Forest for Cornwall. We are also bidding for £500,000 in match funding from the Government's Urban Tree Challenge Fund. This will help reduce the cost of developing the forest.

Visit our Forest for Cornwall Programme page.

Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions about the Forest for Cornwall to find out more.

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Why not look into joining (or starting) a community project to plant trees in suitable sites near you?

For more information on schemes near you, please visit Grow Nature. Grow Nature is a partnership between Cornwall Council and the Cornwall and Isle of Scilly Local Nature Partnership.

Find out more about how you can get involved in the Forest for Cornwall or growing nature yourself.

You can also contact the Woodland Trust, who run ‘free tree’ schemes for schools and communities.

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