Climate emergency

Cornwall Councillors met at the Full Council on the 22 January 2019, where Councillors debated a significant motion on tackling climate change and voted to support the declaration of a climate change emergency.

This was an amendment tabled by Councillor Jayne Kirkham to the motion put forward by Councillor Dominic Fairman calling for ‘Urgency on Climate Change’. The amended motion was agreed by the Council and a climate emergency was declared.

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The declaration requires the Council to prepare a report outlining how it can sufficiently reduce carbon emissions through energy and other Council Strategies, plans and contracts to ensure Cornwall works towards carbon neutrality by 2030.

These efforts will build on and accelerate the work already delivered through Cornwall’s Environment Growth Strategy (adopted in 2016) which forms the backbone of the Council’s efforts to grow the natural environment in an effort to help us respond and adapt to a changing climate.

The climate emergency declaration also called on Westminster to provide the powers and resources necessary for the required change and committed the Council to providing adequate staff time and leadership to ensure the report is prepared within six months.

Our survey on climate change and Carbon Neutral Cornwall is now closed.

We have been asking people what they think about climate change and Cornwall becoming carbon neutral. Thank you to everyone who took part in our online survey and face to face engagement in town centres and community events.

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Cornwall Council's Cabinet will be discussing what the Council can do to help tackle climate change in Cornwall and to help Cornwall become Carbon Neutral at their meeting on 24 July.

The Cabinet papers are available to view on our Democracy website (see item 6)

The Council are currently allocating internal resources to begin the formulation of an action plan and will share more information as soon as possible.

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