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Controlling your dog in public

Cornwall Council recognise that dog owners like to be able to take their dogs on beaches and public open spaces.  However we also realise that not everyone likes or enjoys dogs.  Therefore through extensive consultation Public Space Protection Orders have been introduced which restrict dogs from certain areas during certain times and dates.

The following pages will hopefully prove useful in advising you where dog restrictions are in place.

All previous Dog Control Orders (DCOs) that controlled dogs on designated beaches in Cornwall,were replaced with new Public Space Protection Orders (PSPO).

The current PSPO dog restrictions include all the same conditions, times, dates and durations, that were previously in place - apart from some minor amendments, meaning that dogs are allowed on most designated beaches at the same times as they were before.

Dates and times when dogs are currently restricted on designated beaches

If any of the conditions of the PSPO are breached, a Fixed Penalty Notice of £100 can be issued in accordance with the Council’s enforcement policy. Failure to pay may lead to prosecution and being liable, on summary conviction, to a fine not exceeding level three (currently £1,000) on the standard scale.

We have to review PSPOs that control dogs on beaches every three years. We are currently undertaking a formal consultation.

Please complete our survey to help shape PSPOs that control how dogs are controlled on beaches in Cornwall in the future.

PSPO Dogs on beaches consultation