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If you have a poem, story or even a drawing to share with us, we would love to see it.

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The best ones sent to us will be added on here for all your friends to see.

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Cornwall Fire, Rescue and Community Safety Service HQ, Tolvaddon, Camborne, TR14 0EQ 

Artwork by Kyle

Fire, fire don't be a liar,
Don't be a fool and make a hoax call,
Fire, fire. Quick get out, leave your games
Get away from those flames!

By Trinity Dennis (aged 8)

Fire Safety Poem

Firefighters, flames, safety or smoke,
Get out the door before you choke.

If you play games or fool around,
I will ban you from this town.

I will shout at you, your're a liar, there wasn't a real fire.
You made a hoax call and there was no emergency at all.

Firefighters are hasty and will be there in a flash,
if anything's on fire or is burning to ash.

Learn the plan of your house so you can escape,
quickly and carefully before its to late.

If there are no adults there to guide you and lighters are left on the floor,
never touch them else you might get sore.

By Jodie Hardcastle - Age 9

The following poems have been sent in from Mia - aged 10 and Daisy - aged 8:

If there's a fire                                        
Caused by lighters,             
You should shout for           
The firefighters!

If there's a fire
You have to be hasty,
And get out quickly
For your own safety!

If there's not a fire
Don't be a fool,
Don't be a liar
And make a hoax call

If there's smoke
Then shut the door.
You won't choke
If you crawl along the floor

If there are flames
Don't be a liar,
Don't play games
There could be a fire

On house fires                     
There should be a ban
But if you have one
You should have a plan

Thank you to everyone who has sent in work to us, we love seeing what you've all been up to.  Come back soon, as more work will be added shortly!