Children and Young People and Child Poverty Plan

Children's Trust Vision

All children, young people and their families in Cornwall are safe and have good opportunities to achieve and improve themselves.  We will close the gap between those who are doing well and those who are doing less well by effective work with those with greater needs.

The Children’s Trust and this partnership plan will ground the commissioning and provision of services within the context of the United Nation’s Rights of the Child.

Our partnership priorities for 2015-20 are:

  1. To provide good quality, consistent and multi-disciplinary practice in the help and protection we provide to children and young people
  2. To develop and deliver family centred and outcome focussed early help services that are responsive to need and achieve value for money through effective partnership working
  3. To ensure healthy pregnancy from conception to birth, improving emotional wellbeing and mental health, access and quality of services to children, young people and their families, reducing hospital attendances and admissions
  4. To enable children and young people to fulfil their academic potential and make informed choices about their futures by raising aspiration and enabling pathways into high quality opportunities in education, training and employment
  5. To drive systems change and integrated approaches to working through key strategic programmes and investment to improve the quality of services to children, young people and their families.

Supporting the Council and Partners' Business Plans

The combined Children’s Trust partners’ functions cover a wide spectrum of need. More information about the services provided by partners and how they plan to implement them can be found below:

Download full version of the Children and Young People and Child Poverty Plan 2015/20.