SEN Category Codes for the School Census

The 2014 SEND code of practice removed the requirement for separate ‘school action’ or ‘early years action’ and ‘school action plus’ or ‘early years action plus’ categories – these were replaced by a single ‘SEN support’ category (code K). Therefore, code K must now be used not A and P.

The Children and Families Act 2014 replaced ‘SEN statements’ with ‘Education, Health and Care plans’ (EHC plans). The exception is where a child has and existing statement and has not completed a transfer review to an EHC plan; in which case the 2001 code (code S) continues to apply.

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During the transfer  period (to April 2018) schools will be able to record pupils as having either a statement of SEN (code S) or an EHC plan (code E). No individual pupil can have both. An EHC plan must only be issued following a ‘transfer review’. Where a pupil has an existing statement (code S), they must not be recorded as EHC plan (code E) without first completing a transfer review.  To summarise :

  • SEN Support - Code K
  • Statement of SEN - Code S
  • EHC plan - Code E

The text above is based on information found on page 66 of the 2015-16 School Census Guide.