Child Development Centres

What is the role of a Child Development Centre?

The role of a child development centre is:

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  • To identify the child’s individual developmental and education needs through assessment.
  • To facilitate the multi-agency assessment of a child’s special education needs and provide evidence for the LEA’s decision making process.
  • To provide the educational Advice as part of the Statutory Assessment process under the Education Act 1996.
  • To support parents/carers and their families.
  • To provide high quality nursery education for children with significant special educational needs.
  • To provide outreach support to educational settings.
  • To provide training for teachers and other professionals.
  • To provide appropriate training to parents/carers and their families
  • To support parents/carers in exploring suitable options on transition.
  • To support and facilitate the inclusion of children in education.

Information on the criteria, admissions and referrals can be found below.