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Hearing Support Equipment

Provision of specialist equipment

Radio systems

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Radio systems can enhance the listening experience of deaf children and young people, reducing the impact of background noise, and distance from the person speaking, A range of systems are provided by the Hearing Support Team, and their use is outlined in the Available Personal Radio Systems booklet

Accidental damage or loss to radio equipment which is well used is an occasional occurrence. Please contact the Educational Audiology Centre on 01726 61004 (or email as early as possible to report the loss / damage and request replacement equipment.

General information on radio systems from independent organisations - Ewing Foundation

Links to manufacturers of radio systems - Oticon, Phonak, Connevans

Provision of Auxiliary aids and services

In September 2012 the duty to provide auxiliary aids and services (including specialist equipment which could include laptops and tablets) was extended to include schools. This places schools under a duty to provide aids and services where it is reasonable and where it would prevent a disabled pupil being put at a substantial disadvantage when compared to his or her non-disabled peers. The exception to this duty is where the aid or service is specified in a statement of SEN or an Education, Health and Care Plan in which case the responsibility to provide the aid or service lies with the LA.

Hearing aids, Bahas, Cochlear Implants

Children and young people, parents and educational settings supported by the Hearing Support Team will be given advice with regard to management and maintenance of their hearing equipment. Regular checks on the effective working of personal listening equipment is vital for optimal listening opportunities. The relevant providing medical centre should be directly contacted for any loss or damage to hearing aids / BAHAs or cochlear implant to request replacement or repair.

For the contact details of the Audiological Services, please visit our Other services and sources of information webpage. 


Teachers of the Deaf can take earmould impressions.