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Communication Support Specialist Speech and Language Therapists

Communication Support Specialist Speech and Language Therapy Team

The team work with children with the most severe and/or complex communication needs in mainstream primary, secondary schools or Area Resource Bases (ARBs).

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Children working with this team, would typically have communication skills within the lower P-scale range. 

What do we do?

The team can provide both individual therapy support to children where this is indicated but are also able to support staff in developing their knowledge of communication levels and strategies and  applying these in the learning environment.  Support may be in the form of modelling of strategies, provision of resources and demonstration of how to use them, and joint planning of communication targets and how to implement these. 

Support from the Communication Support Service team is generally over a period of several terms only and is aimed at providing schools with the necessary skills to support the child’s communication.  Following support from the service children may either transfer back to the community speech and language therapy service or their case may be closed.

Referral process 

Referral to this team is through the Community Speech and Langauge Therapy service only. 

Community Speech and Language Therapy services for children are provided by Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (CPFT)

If you have concerns about a child's communication development, please visit the CPFT website for further information and FAQs. 

Referrals for to this service are via the Early Help Hub.

Please note that children attending special schools receive their therapy from the community speech and language therapy team.  Please contact the CPFT Speech and Language Therapy service if you have queries about these children.