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Educational Psychology Traded Services

We are a partially traded service. Educational settings can purchase Educational Psychology support in blocks of time. This is to meet their own specific needs and priorities.

One day equals 6.5 hours. Purchased time should include time for preparation, write up and follow up.

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All purchases are made via Services for Schools. This can be as a Service Level Agreement or on a pay-as-you-go basis using the Flexible Support Option.

Time purchased via a service level agreement has the following benefits: 

  • Educational settings that purchase one or more days will have a named Educational Psychologist to carry out all of their traded work. The same Educational Psychologist will also aim to carry out any and all core or statutory work
  • Educational settings are offered free Planning Consultations, within which they can discuss all statutory, core and traded work and agree any educational psychology involvement
  • Purchasing time by 30 June 2019 enables the setting and their Educational Psychologist to plan ahead, and schedule in the work across the academic year
  • Educational settings that purchase one or more days will have a named Educational Psychologist to carry out all of their core, statutory and traded work
  • Purchasing time via a Service Level Agreement enables the educational setting and the Educational Psychologist to plan ahead, and schedule in the work across the educational setting year
  • Cost - time purchased before 30 June 2019 is offered at a significantly lower rate

Single Purchase of Service Level Agreement Time for Groups / Clusters of Educational Settings

A group or cluster of educational settings may choose to purchase a block of educational psychology time for the cluster and to maintain some flexibility as to how these days will be used across a number of settings. If this is something that you wish to do, you will need to agree which setting will be purchasing the service on behalf of the cluster and who will be responsible for liaising with the Educational Psychology Service about how the time will be allocated across the cluster.

If your school/setting does not have access to the Services for Schools website and you are interested in purchasing Educational Psychology time please contact

When considering purchasing time via the Flexible Support Option you should be aware that:

  • All requests placed via Flexible Support are subject to availability and whilst the Educational Psychology Service will do their best to provide the support requested, there is no guarantee that the Educational Psychology Service will have sufficient capacity to respond or just how quickly we are able to respond
  • For Non-SLA educational settings who subsequently purchase Flexible Support, it may not be possible for the link Educational Psychologist who delivers the free core and statutory work within your educational setting to be the same Educational Psychologist who delivers your traded work. Whenever possible we will try to ensure it is the same Educational Psychologist but there is no guarantee this can be the case
  • Cost – time purchased via the flexible option incurs a higher rate


Service Level Agreement
Purchased on or
before 30 June 2019

Flexible Support
Purchased between 
1 August 2019 and
27 March 2020

£467 per day £530 per day


We have set the rates at a very competitive level compared to neighbouring authorities and independent providers and for academic year 2019-20 we have not increased our rates.

Time for preparation, write up and follow up is included within the purchased time.

Reduced to £30

‘Using iPads to support pupils with literacy difficulties- evidence based practice’

This online course covers:

  • School and local authority statutory duties when using technology to support pupils with special educational needs.
  • Up to date research findings and good practice when using technology to help children learn and as a literacy intervention.
  • A step by step video guide which shows how different settings and iPad apps can be used to support pupils with literacy difficulties. 

View the short film below to find out more information about the training.


Access the online training