AAC Team - What do we do?

Our goal is to implement the AAC device in such a way that impacts teaching and learning in the classroom. The AAC team will support school staff to monitor an individual pupil’s progress and set targets in line with the pupil’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) and Education, Health and Social Care Plan (EHCP). The Adviser may offer suggestions to targets on implementing the high-tech communication aid into everyday life.

A multi-agency approach is used involving professionals working with an individual child or young person, and we work closely with other services such as NHS Speech and Language Therapists, the Physical and Medical Needs Advisory Service (PMNAS), Bristol Communication Aid Service, Physical Therapists amongst others,  to ensure maximum access to the curriculum is obtained.

  • Support with differentiating the curriculum, modifying teaching approaches and advising on specialist resources available
  • Assessing the impact of language and communication difficulties on a pupil's access to the curriculum in liaison with the child’s Speech and Language Therapist
  • Advising and supporting with appropriate learning targets
  • Promoting a total communicative approach within the school setting
  • Assessments for mounting a device to a desk or wheelchair
  • Funding for mounting equipment for desks and wheelchairs
  • Ongoing support for schools with pupils already using high-tech aids including maintenance from our ICT technician
  • Training on use of the hardware and software
  • Signposting to useful documentation and resources for implementation in school and ongoing professional  development
  • Additional bespoke training - there is a charge for this
  • Promoting successful transition
  • Funding for a high-tech aid depending on assessments of needs 

Providing advice to education settings for pupils with access needs

The AAC Team can advise and support educational settings to make reasonable adjustments and take positive steps to in order to meet  the curriculum access needs of children and young people with Special Educational Need and Disabilities .

The AAC Adviser can support an educational setting to identify and assess the access needs of individual children and young people in terms of  access to:

  • the curriculum
  • the enrichment curriculum eg school clubs, school trips 
  • spoken and written information and advice
  • the physical school site

The AAC Adviser can provide advice and training in the use of auxiliary aids.

Provision of specialist equipment 

High Tech AAC equipment will be provided through the CAACAT (Cornwall Children’s Augmentative and Alternative Assessment Team) pathway.

For some pupils this will include specialist Information Technology software and hardware. The provision of high cost high tech equipment such as eye gaze equipment is provided through the NHS England AAC pathway Bristol Communication Aid Service

Further guidance information is available for schools from the AAC Team Adviser and also within the guidance document Provision of Equipment for Children and Young People with Access need can be found within School Messenger.