AAC Resources

Liberator Resources provide products and services that promote success for individuals who use AAC, their families and their support staff.  Visit the Liberator website for further information.

We have created a YouTube channel where you can access clips and films that you provide you with support on how to use AAC technology.

Visit our YouTube Channel

Communication Matters is a charitable organisation which covers all of the UK. Their website provides information, events and resources about education and research in the field of AAC. 

A website for AAC guidance and advice with great links to videos, online learning modules and downloadable resources.

A handy glossary of AAC terminology that explains the jargon used in AAC from the International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (isaac) Australia branch.

Provides specialist NHS England AAC Assessments for children and young people in Cornwall with more complex communication aid needs.

  • Talking with Tech AAC

    An American-based high-tech AAC podcast that is released weekly. Each episode discusses one element of AAC and has guest interviewees with celebrated AAC experts from around the world. Although based around American processes, the tools, strategies and AAC systems that are discussed are useful for all those embarking on their AAC journey.