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School Admissions in Cornwall

The Role of Cornwall Council

Cornwall Council and all Cornwall's schools must act in accordance with the Department for Education's (DfE) Admissions Code 2014. For further information on the Admissions Code and Regulations visit the School Admissions Code pages on the Government website.

In line with the Admissions Code, Cornwall Council is responsible for producing the admissions arrangements listed below on an annual basis.  

Coordinated Admissions Scheme: This document outlines the way in which applications for schools in Cornwall will be processed and how places will be allocated, and is intended to make the admissions process clear, fair and transparent.  This document is determined by the Local Authority and applies to all schools including academies and free schools.  

Oversubscription Criteria: This document outlines the way in which applications will be prioritised when a school has more applications than places available.  Cornwall Council sets the oversubscription criteria for community and voluntary-controlled schools because they are the 'admission authority' for these schools.  The governing body or academy trust of foundation, trust, voluntary-aided, academy or free schools set their own oversubscription criteria because they are their own admission authority.

Fair Access Protocol: All local authorities must have a Fair Access Protocol, agreed with the majority of schools in its area, which aims to ensure that children who have not been able to secure a school place during the school year, particularly those who are vulnerable, are offered a place at a suitable school as quickly as possible.  It must also ensure that no school - including those with available places - is asked to take a disproportionate number of children who have been excluded from other schools, or who have challenging behaviour.  Please visit the Fair Access Protocol page for more information.

Children in care/previously in care

Cornwall Local Authority is committed to ensuring that every child in care and child that was previously in care is admitted to a school which is appropriate to their needs and situation, without delay.  Certain legislative provisions support this aim and these, along with Cornwall’s agreed processes, are described in the Local Authority's Children in care admissions protocol for the admission of these children which can be viewed on the admissions pages for the relevant school year.

Service Families

Cornwall Council acknowledges that service families may be disadvantaged when applying for a school place as they are more likely to need to apply outside the normal admissions round when schools may already be full or be unable to provide a specific address ahead of a posting in good time for the relevant admissions processes.

Please visit the Service Families - school admissions page for more information.

Annual Report to the Schools Adjudicator

All local authorities are required to complete a report for the Schools Adjudicator annually which describes the effectiveness of admissions in the previous year. 

Download the 2019 Office of the Schools Adjudicator Report.  To request a hard copy of the report, please contact the School Admissions Team.