Equality and Diversity in Education

The Equality and Diversity Service works in partnership with schools and other agencies to promote equality and diversity in Cornwall. We are committed to the principle that everyone is entitled to equal rights regardless of age, race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief, marriage and civil partnership, maternity and pregnancy  and gender reassignment (The nine protected characteristics described in the Equality Act 2010).

Equality and Diversity:  What is it all about?

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The Equality and Diversity Service supports schools in developing their policies, building capacity and developing skills and knowledge of staff. We support minority ethnic pupils who are at risk of underachieving; Gypsies, Roma and Irish Travellers (GRT), Fairground, Circus Travellers, and New Travellers; those for whom English is an Additional Language (EAL), refugees and asylum seekers; as well as Black and Minority Ethnic children (BME).  We also work with schools to ensure compliance with the regulations of the Equality Act.

We deliver the service through:

  • Training, team teaching, coaching and peer mentoring
  • Assisting with joint planning, curriculum development and offer support, advice and guidance around racism, homophobia and other discrimination
  • Provision of guidance in developing equality policies and advice on inclusive practice
  • Cultural Diversity Support placements can provide support for specific vulnerable children, language development and acquisition for EAL pupils, model support strategies and support with building partnership with parents
  • Bespoke training delivered to raise the attainment and narrow the gap of minority ethnic groups includes advice on strategies and interventions for practitioners to use in the classroom; guidance for the tracking and monitoring of pupils learning EAL and support for teachers and teaching assistants with both new arrivals and advanced learners of EAL
  • Supporting schools in developing policy and practice relating to equality and diversity across the curriculum
  • Whole school training (equality and diversity, GRT, BME and EAL) in the form of In Service Training (INSET) and the delivery of class lessons

Partnership work with families, settings and schools to support children and young people who have interrupted learning and different educational experience.

Helping schools to provide an ethos that is welcoming to all the community by reflecting their cultures, languages and backgrounds positively in the curriculum.

Partnerships with schools and other agencies to celebrate similarities and differences through events, projects and initiatives.