Book Exchange Service

Primary sector schools 

All the primary and special school members that joined (and stayed with us) at the start of the conception of the Education Library Service have at least 1,000 books leased from the ELS to enhance their school libraries. 

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Each SLA year member schools can exchange any number of these books up to the maximum number shown in the table below.

No. on roll


Less than 100 pupils


101 – 150


151 – 170


171 or more

1.5 books per pupil


Any ELS book is eligible to be exchanged and there is no restriction on the balance between fiction and non-fiction, paperback and hardback.

Schools will be notified by email one month in advance of their visit backed up by a postcard sent two weeks before the visit. If schools require particular books or topics please give us as much notice as possible to source the items.

Schools are encouraged to use this facility to weed out tired and dated books from their libraries and classrooms and replace them with fresh, up to date titles.

NB. schools can opt for a combination of mobile library van, pre-packed delivery service and personal visit. 

Option A - Mobile library van service visiting your school. The mobile library can be stocked to meet your specific requirements.  

Option B - Pre-packed delivery service.  In this option books are selected by ELS staff to meet your specific requirements, boxed and delivered to your school. 

Schools with less than 400 pupils on roll can opt to have either one or two exchange visits per annum and those schools with 401+ on roll can have up to 3 exchange visits.

Option C - Personal visits to select books at the ELS showroom at Threemilestone. There is no restriction on the number of visits only on the total number of books that can be exchanged – see table above.  We advise schools to ring for an appointment and to discuss their specific requirements prior to any visit.  

Opening times and contact details

These may be purchased from the ELS and allows a rolling exchange of up to 10 books and last for the SLA in which they are purchased. They cost £35 per ticket.

New and returning schools will have to contact the ELS manager to determine the best solution for their individual needs.