Young people will face unprecedented challenges in the future and it is essential that schools play a part in educating them not only to cope with these challenges but to rise to them and play an active part in finding solutions.  We need to equip children to be part of the solution; we need to ask not only how schools can support national priorities for sustainability but also how sustainable development can support schools.

The focus for schools is to take an integrated approach related to

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  • the curriculum
  • the community
  • the campus

and many schools have already seized the opportunity to use this to develop skills that raise academic achievement and empower and equip children for the future.  

The sustainability agenda is about inspiring people to think and work in a profoundly different way.  This work in Cornwall provides a starting point for those of you who are thinking about how to develop and an opportunity to share the excellent practice that is already happening.  Our schools are the best places to lead the way on sustainable development.

The DfE has set targets through the “eight doorways” for 2020 and these may not seem urgent until it is too late.  We look to assist schools in moving forward by supporting them in transformational learning by selecting intermediate achievable targets to lead them into the future by thinking and acting differently and in a sustainable way.

These are big issues for all of us and our schools have a special role to play in preparing young people for the future.