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STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths

What is STEM?

STEM is the interdisciplinary and applied approach of teaching and learning certain specific disciplines: science, technology, engineering and mathematics (including computer science and quantitative data science). STEM integrates these disciplines into a cohesive paradigm based on real-world applications.  

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For more information and to access resources please visit the STEM website.

STEM Ambassadors are a UK national treasure; an important and exciting free of charge resource for young learners, teachers and other individuals working with young people - in and outside of the classroom. They bring a fresh and inspiring perspective to STEM lessons and careers information, and complement excellent teaching in schools and colleges.

Follow the link to a report on the key impacts that STEM Ambassadors have on young people and those who work with young people and the impact that volunteering as a STEM Ambassador has on the individuals involved, and on the organisations that support them as employers or professional bodies.

A physical copy of the report can be found in the STEM Resource Centre

  • Every young person has the right to a broad and balanced education that includes, but is not limited to, STEM subjects
  • STEM subjects are valuable not only because they can lead to exciting, rewarding career options, but also because they enable individuals to be active citizens in an increasingly technological society
  • STEM subjects open doors, provide options and are vital to the modern age - however, they are part of a young person’s development 

The EBP supports a range of activities and support material to assist teachers in enhancing the STEM curriculum. In addition to this, the EBP arranges events such as Science festivals across the county which demonstrate the fun side of STEM subjects. We welcome the opportunity to work with schools, colleges and companies to develop new ideas for the teaching of STEM subjects, particularly Mathematics and Computer Science.

We work in partnership with local, national and international businesses and educators. 

Year 12 Potential Nuffield Candidates Invited to Visit Peninsula Medical School

Three year 12 students were fortunate to be invited down to Peninsula Medical School recently by Professor Ann Millward to talk through the possibility of working over the summer holiday in the research laboratories should they be successful in applying for a Nuffield Research Placement. The sixth formers were given an overview of what would be involved and the high expectations that both the medical school and Bodmin College place upon successful candidates.

Rachel Kay of Peninsular gave the three students a talk on the admissions process to medical school and Julie Monk was also available to answer questions regarding the ‘Widening Access’ scheme that the medical school runs.

Following lunch a tour of the Life Science Resource centre, IT suite and a demonstration of the Clinical Skills equipment were undertaken. This was a fantastic opportunity to see what is involved in studying medicine and the rather innovative study techniques used at Peninsular. Johnny Long commented on how useful the simulations showing CT scans, ultrasound and MRI technology were. When viewing a part of the human body through these three different methods it becomes apparent how skilled doctors need to be in order to interpret the images such as those shown in the picture below. Ace McDermott successfully fitted a feeding tube to a model patient and Laura Burden was given an opportunity to explore life sized models of parts of the body and attempt to work out how the different structures related to function.

Summarizing the day Rachel Delourme was effusive in her praise of the students and said that they had certainly made a good impression with the medical students and professionals they had met on the day. The applications are now in, so we are keeping our fingers crossed that they will be successful.