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Emotional Resilience and Mental Health

In these challenging times, it is normal to feel worried, uncertain, and even a bit afraid. You can take some steps to look after your wellbeing, which will then  help you to deal with these feelings and reduce the impact of stress. This is sometimes called building emotional resilience.

At school, children are encouraged to be resilient, which means they can bounce back from things. Resilience also helps you to adapt to new situations. It is something everyone can work on and get better at.

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The CEO of Cornwall Council Kate Kennally sent out an email in support of all staff who are working around the clock to remind them of the importance of looking after themselves. 

Read CEO update about self care


Resources for parents/carers 

Resources to support emotional resilience and wellbeing in parents and carers

Resources for parents/carers

Resources for children/young people

Resources to support learning for children and young people

Resources for young people